The Truth Is…

The Truth Is…

The Truth Is…

Stanley Notte & The Lost Gecko

Having (unknowingly) used creativity as the foundation to recover from depression Stanley Notte has developed a show that mixes his story, techniques on how creativity can positively influence on our mental health, poetry and music. Stanley’s direct and honest approach offers listeners an opportunity to be inside the head of a man when he was struggling to understand the world, and why he could not be happy. But it also outlines the journey that brought Stanley to the moment of diagnosis, and the winding road, filled with peaks and troughs, he travelled to get well. The overall experience for the audience is unique and mesmerises, moves and motivates in equal measure.

Photo by Linda Ibbotson


Thursday 4th April, Narrative 4, 6.30pm

Friday 5th April, Narrative 4, 8.00pm

Saturday 6th April, Narrative 4, 6.30pm


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