The Sisters of CastleKnock House

The Sisters of CastleKnock House

The Sisters of CastleKnock House

Tiger's Eye Theatre

“The Sisters of CastleKnock House” is a fast-paced black comedy following the three Conrad sisters, Fran (Frances), Joe (Josephine), and Ger (Geraldine), who have been living in isolation for nineteen years, following their father’s bizarre and rigid security measures. These measures range from the logical (locking the doors) to the ridiculous (disguising themselves as men outside the house). Their father knows best, believing that, above all else, he needs to protect his daughters from the robbers, rapists and thugs of the outside world. He believes that this world is not safe for women, instructing that his daughters follow his orders, don their beards, and hide themselves from those who they believe wish to bring them harm! Even as his dead body festers in the fridge, Fran, the eldest, holds true to her father’s plan.

“Fantastic … absurd … touching … A real gem of a show!” -The Edinburgh Playhouse

“Well executed … slick … funny … [a] quality ensemble” – Fringe Guru


Thursday 4th April, Narrative 4, 9.15pm

Friday 5th April, Narrative 4, 10.30pm

Saturday 6th April, Narrative 4, 8.00pm


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