Inferno, Kid

Inferno, Kid

Inferno, Kid

William Priestley

‘Inferno, Kid’ is a coming of age story on a path strewn with vice, danger and vanquished hope.

It tells the story of a young man, Dylan, on the margins of modern society. His world is one of angst, bravado and desolation. The scene is set in and around ‘The Street’: a fictitious area based on four marginalised communities in Limerick City. These areas became synonymous with grinding poverty and gangland crime at the turn of the twenty-first century. In 2007 a ‘Regeneration Programme’ was launched by the Irish government to combat these problems. ‘Inferno, Kid’ is inspired by the real life events during this period and offers a gritty window into poverty, crime and social policy.


Thursday 4th April, Narrative 4, 10.30pm

Friday 5th April, Narrative 4, 6.30pm

Saturday 6th April, Narrative 4, 9.15pm

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