Hello My Name Is Single

Hello My Name Is Single

Hello My Name Is Single

Paul McNamara

Paul McNamara returns to Limerick Fringe with his new show Hello My Name is Single. It’s a comedic look at dating and being in a relationship. Paul uses performance poetry and comedy to discuss dating and love. After having trouble finding a girlfriend, Paul’s grandmother (who doesn’t want him to die alone) sets him up on Tinder where he goes on a slew of fast paced dates with some eclectic characters (including a socialite, a farmer’s daughter and worst of all… an American). Paul tries to find love and fun while still slightly longing for Sarah, the girl next door. With his granny breathing down his neck to settle down Paul attempts and sometimes fails to deal with confidence, loneliness, love, friendship and the horrors of tinder to try and find some way to be happy.


Thursday 4th April, Narrative 4, 8.00pm

Friday 5th April, Narrative 4, 9.15pm

Saturday 6th April, Narrative 4, 10.30pm


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