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18 - 21 DECEMBER, 2016, DUBLIN


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Who's Speaking?

Inferno, Kid

Inferno, Kid

William Priestley

Holy Show

Holy Show

Madonna Lucia

The Truth Is…

The Truth Is…

Stanley Notte & The Lost Gecko

Event Schedules

Saturday, 05 August 2017

1Kick Start Fringe with Two Time PolkaTwo Time Polka 9.30pmMother Macs
1Stanley Notte & The Lost GeckoThe Truth Is… 6.30pm Narrative 4
2Rob GeeKevin, King of Egypt 7pmThe Record Room at The Commercial
3TuttifuittiTragic scenes of legendary women where snakes were (kind of) present 7pmFab Lab
4Paul McNamaraHello My Name Is Single 8pm Narrative 4
5Iseli-Chiodi Dance CompanyMERLIN 8pmDance Limerick
6Multistory TheatreCassandra 8.30pmFab Lab
7Madonna LuciaHoly Show 8.30pmThe Record Room at The Commercial
8Tiger's Eye TheatreThe Sisters of CastleKnock House 9.15pm Narrative 4
9Royal Kung FooleryA Voice We Follow 10pmFab Lab
10Raw Material ProductionsTideman’s Piece 10pmThe Record Room at The Commercial
11William PriestleyInferno, Kid 10.30pm Narrative 4
1The Fabulous old Spot Theatre Company 1pm & 4pmLimerick Streets
2Klovnen Njetski 2pmSt Johns Pavilion
3Chakra Productions 3.30pmChez Le Fab
4Kablitz Entertainment 3.30pmSt Johns Pavilion
5Paul McNamara 6.30pmNarrative 4
6Colette Forde 6.30pmChez Le Fab
7multi story theatre company 6.30pmBelltable Studio
8Pina Polar 6.30pmSt Johns Pavilion
9No Desserts 8pmDolans Upstairs
10Thom Peterson 8pmMother Macs
11Holy Show Theatre 8pmNarrative 4
12Katie McLeod 8pmNo1 Pery Square
13Tiger's Eye Theatre 8pmChez Le Fab
14Phoenix Theatre Co 8pmBelltable Studio
15Tanin Torabi 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
16Celina Jaffe 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
17Eimear Byrne 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
18Dr. Mindflip 9.30pmDolans Upstairs
19Maxine Jones 9.30pmMother Macs
20Tom Balmont 9.30pmNarrative 4
21Rob Gee 9.30pmNo1 Pery Square
22Fragility 9.30pmChez Le Fab
23NOS Three Theatre Company 9.30pmBelltable Studio
24Step Up 2017 9.30pmSt Johns Pavilion
25Autojeu Theatre 11pmDolans Upstairs
26Comedy Shenanigans 11pmMother Macs
1Angie Smalis in association with Patterns Dance Collective, COMA Limerick Ensemble & Lumen Street Theatre 12.30pmSt John's Pavilion
2The Fabulous old Spot Theatre Company 12pm & 3pm Bedford Row, Thomas Street, Little Catherine Street
3Kadira Theatre 12.30pm & 3.30pmBedford Row
4Chakra Productions 12.30pmChez le Fab
5Seve Feathers 1pm & 4pmCatherine Street, Little Catherine Street
6Pina Polar 2pmSt Johns Pavilion
7Klovnen Njetski 3.30pmSt Johns Pavilion
8Kablitz Entertainment 5pmSt Johns Pavilion
9Holy Show Theatre Company 6.30pmNarrative 4
10Fragility 6.30pmChest le Fab
11Phoenix Theatre Co 6.30pmBellatable Studio
12Dr. Mindflip 8pmDolans Upstairs
13Comedy Shenanigans 8pmMother Macs
14Tom Balmont 8pmNarrative 4
15Colette Forde 8pmChez le Fab
16NOS Three Theatre Company 8pmBelltable Studio
17Tanin Torabi 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
18Celina Jaffe 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
19Eimear Byrne 8pmSt Johns Pavilion
20Autojeu Theatre 9.30pmDolans Upstairs
21Thom Peterson 9.30pmMother Macs
22Paul McNamara 9.30pmNarrative 4
23Tiger's Eye Theatre 9.30pmChez le Fab
24multi story theatre company 9.30pmBelltable Studio
25Step Up 2017 9.30pmSt Johns Pavilion
26Dirty Circus & The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra 10pmDolans Warehouse
27Maxine Jones 11pmMother Macs
28No Desserts 11pmDolans Upstairs

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Docklands Convention Centre
58 Wurundjeri Way
Dablin, 3000


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  • Entrance
  • Coffee Break
  • Certificate
  • Workshop

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