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Limerick Fringe is a new vibrant, multi-genre performance based event hosted in Limerick Ireland. In 2018 Limerick Fringe will run from 5th to 7th April.


We invite applications from all performance disciplines, including: Cabaret, Comedy, Dance & Physical Theatre, Kids & Youth, Spoken Word, Music, Theatre and Street Performance etc. We encourage applicants to dream wild, to propose mad and daring collaborations.


Again in 2018 we want to support artists through networking, training and of course a number of awards including the Belltable Connect Award.


Submission to Limerick Fringe:
Submission for Limerick Fringe 2018 are now closed

All performers are considered for the numbers awards presented by Limerick Fringe, including Spirit of the Fringe, Family Favourite, Most Innovative and the Belltable Connect Award. The value of the Belltable Connect Award is €6650, click here for more information about the Belltable Connect Award.


Please note: once selected there is a fee of €30 to cover certain administrative functions and gives you inclusion in the printed programme of events. There is also a €100 Deposit payment that is retained in the event of non attendance, upon completion of all performances the deposit will be returned to the company.


Participation in the Limerick Fringe is at your own risk. All income you receive will be solely from ticket sales, based on a 60% of total ticket sales from your performances. The show prices are determined by Limerick Fringe, partly based on the duration of the performance.


Running time and Technicals:
Limerick Fringe advises your production be planned at a max of 60 minutes and be relatively technically uncomplicated. So keep in mind that there is a short turnaround time (up 30 minutes) most venues are small, extensive decor and technical plans are not an option. Most venues have limited storage space also. So, as a guiding principle: the simpler, the better. Limerick Fringe will supply front of house, box office and technical staff at each venue.

If you have any questions please email limerickfringe@gmail.com

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