1ALSA ProductionsTomatoes 6.45pmThe Loft
2The Young GaffLife on the Inside 8pmThe Loft
3Placid ProductionsMICRODISNEY 8pmNo1 Pery Square
4Royal Kung FooleryCocooned in Kazan 8pmDolans Upstairs
5Barry Jay HughesBarry Jay Hughes Singer Songwriter 8pmMother Macs
6Maxine JonesNow We Are 60 9.15pmThe Loft
7multi story theatre companyPericles – All At Sea 9.15pmNo1 Pery Square
8FragilityNothing Like Your Profile Picture 9.15pmDolans Upstairs
9Eve DarcyThat’s Why 9.15pmMother Macs
10Comedy ShenanigansComedy Shenanigans Improv 10.30pmThe Loft
11Phoenix Theatre CoJohn In Heels 10.30pmNo1 Pery Square
12Cameron Moore nerdfucker: a solo play with bad boundaries 10.30pmDolans Upstairs
13Richy SheehyPeople Are Strange 10.30pmMother Macs
1Bianca Page SmithTwo can do… 11.15amDolans Warehouse
2Angie Smalis & Mark Carberry‘unplugged, intimate, or plain crazy’ 12.30pm – 5.30pm & 8pmDolans Warehouse
3The Young GaffLife on the Inside 5.30pmThe Loft
4BubblzBubbly Maths 5.30pmShannon Rowing Club
5ALSA ProductionsTomatoes 6.45pmThe Loft
6Kristyn Fontanella DanceIN LiMBO 6.45pmDolans Warehouse
7Kablitz EntertainmentThe Magic of Cirkus 1923 6.45pmShannon Rowing Club
8Maxine JonesNow We Are 60 8pmThe Loft
9multi story theatre companyPericles – All At Sea 8pmNo1 Pery Square
10FragilityNothing Like Your Profile Picture 8pmDolans Upstairs
11Honest ArtsPunt 8pmShannon Rowing Club
12Eve DarcyThat’s Why 8pmMother Macs
13Richy SheehyPeople Are Strange 9.15pmThe Loft
14Placid ProductionsMICRODISNEY 9.15pmNo1 Pery Square
15Raging SonsOriginal Band 9.15pmDolans Warehouse
16Royal Kung FooleryCocooned in Kazan 9.15pmDolans Upstairs
17Hoodman BlindHoodman Blind 9.15pmShannon Rowing Club
18Barry Jay HughesBarry Jay Hughes Singer Songwriter 9.15pmMother Macs
19Carol WalshOutRAGEous Fortune 10.30pmThe Loft
20Pine The PilcrowMirrors & Lights 10.30pmNo1 Pery Square
21Cameryn MoorePhone Whore: a one-act play with frequent interruptions 10.30pmDolans Upstairs
22cuacua 10.30pmShannon Rowing Club
23MasterKproductionsNSFW 11.45pmDolans Upstairs
24TigwaraOriginals Performance 11.45pmShannon Rowing Club
1Bubblz Bubbly Maths 1.45Shannon Rowing Club
2MULTI STORY THEATRE COMPANYJason & the Golden Fleece 3pmShannon Rowing Club
3THE YOUNG GAFFLife on the Inside 4.15pmThe Loft
4KABLITZ ENTERTAINMENTThe Magic of Cirkus 1923 4.15pmShannon Rowing Club
5Blue Heart TheatreCouples+Pairs2 5.30pmThe Loft
6Rachel Sheil & Tobi OmotesoUs and Them , Follow Me 5.30pmShannon Rowing Club
7ALSA PRODUCTIONSTomatoes 6.45pmThe Loft
8Poppycock ArtsBattle of the Poets 6.45pmDolans Upstairs
9Choke ComedyUnhinged @ the Fringe 6.45pmShannon Rowing Club
10MAXINE JONESNow We Are 60 6.45pmMother Macs
11RICHY SHEEHYPeople Are Strange 8pmThe Loft
12FragilityAndrew Silverwood is “a Self Absorbed Tw*t” 8pmDolans Upstairs
13FRAGILITYNothing Like Your Profile Picture 8pmShannon Rowing Club
14Eve DarcyThat’s Why 8pmMother Macs
15CAROL WALSHOutRAGEous Fortune 9.15pmThe Loft
16CAMERYN MOOREnerdfucker: a solo play with bad boundaries 9.15pmDolans Upstairs
17Honest ArtsPunt 9.15pmShannon Rowing Club
18Barry Jay HughesBarry Jay Hughes Singer Songwriter 9.15pmMother Macs
19Santina SpitfireThe Honey Drops Deadliest Dames Event 10pmDolans Warehouse