The Masqueing Band

The Masqueing Band

The Masqueing Band

The Fabulous old Spot Theatre Company

A Village Band without a Village; Unstuck in time; Still looking for home, for friends and for missing band members. Playing tunes to amuse and entertain, Rootsy and Folky from round the world; a trio who can get your feet tapping, hands clapping and the occasional deep sigh or tear. Dressed from another time; Masked, hatted and plumed; not quite of this world or century, speaking no known language, but always friendly and determined: They arrive, play music, meet and greet, express their joys and fears, and then depart.

Photography by Paul Blakemore


Bedford Row, Thomas Street, Little Catherine Street


Thursday 5th April, 1pm & 4pm

Friday 6th April, 1pm & 4pm

Saturday 7th April, 12pm & 3pm