The Dérive

The Dérive

The Dérive

Tanin Torabi

“The Dérive” is made as part of a multi-media project by Iranian dance artist Tanin Torabi. Tanin brings her multi-award winning dance film “The Dérive” which has been shot in Tehran, Iran to her live performance in an interactive environment with the audience. Tanin questions identity, culture and place. She invites the audience to travel with her to an honest image of her own country, come back home again and face the reality of the moment, exploring social and cultural issues. “Best Artist Film 2017” of Southampton film festival, shows Tanin dancing among people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing the responses and reactions. Dance is prohibited in Iran.

*Please note this show will be part of a triple billing with RenewalSingle-use


Friday 6th April, St John’s Pavilion, 8.00pm

Saturday 7th April, St John’s Pavilion,  8.00pm

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