That’s Why

That’s Why

That’s Why

Eve Darcy

Ever wondered why you’re here? What’s this life thing about? Is our individual aloneness the only thing we collectively have in common?! What does ‘existential angst’ look like? Wonder no longer, Eve has the answers!

(Eve will also tell you the secret so you can become ‘normal’. It’s surprisingly easy!)
Eve holds nothing back as she presents her darlingly honest and funny show ‘That’s Why’.  Balancing a combination of humour, sheer vulnerability and existential whimsy, Eve offers a unique insight into the inner realms of being: touching on issues such as: anxiety, the merits of porridge, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, breakdowns, how to get the doctor to increase your anti-depressant prescription, mental health, as well as what it’s like having Jeremy Kyle as a role model and mentor.
Eve has also interviewed various philosophers around Limerick to see what they think the meaning of life is – resulting in some very surprising, interesting and entertaining exchanges! Who knows, you might even recognise some of them! 🙂

This show is an experience you will remember!

***Tickets for today’s shows are available for sale online until 1pm. After that it’s at Front of House at each of the venues.***


Thursday 30th March, Mother Macs 9.15pm
Friday 31st March, Mother Macs 8pm

Saturday 1st April, Mother Macs, 8pm

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