Roominations: A B-movie rock opera

Roominations: A B-movie rock opera

Roominations: A B-movie rock opera

Dr. Mindflip

Dr. Mindflip are a delightfully-bizarre bunch that weave their considerable musical chops into a scintillating blur of styles. This is Supertramp on the tear with David Lynch, the manic energy of The Mighty Boosh jamming with the sneering spectre of Frank Zappa – intense, atmospheric, impossibly-catchy music. The Doctor himself holds the show together on keys and coaxes jazzy avant-pop from the aristocratic Owly, soulful sax-wielding Sage, gently unnerving Dollhead, and a VERY cheerful drummer.

This is a rare chance to catch an entire live performance of their rock opera Roominations – a surreal musical journey into the heart of the worst movie ever made. Inspired by Tommy Wiseau’s infamous cinematic catastrophe The Room – and James Franco’s critically-acclaimed homage The Disaster Artist – Dr. Mindflip have created a spellbindingly strange show that is equal parts The Wall and Ed Wood. Not to be missed!

“Avant-pop with teeth…a master of reinventing catchiness” – Synthesis Magazine

“Intriguing lyrics followed by perfect accompaniment…[In a garden of fools] is one album you do not want to miss” – Pure M Magazine


Thursday 5th April, Dolans Upstairs, 11.00pm

Friday 6th April, Dolans Upstairs, 9.30pm

Saturday 7th April, Dolans Upstairs, 8.00pm

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