Eimear Byrne

Interruptions occur but how do we return to what we were in the middle of doing? The question is can we? Is it possible to finish what we had started when some of these occurences may change us in ways we never thought possible. The experience of renewal may be a more complicated process than imagined. So if we strive to renew, perhaps thrive in the process of renewal and with this become a newer version of the undetermined renewal state that awaits us all down the line.

Working from an autobiographical place this concept will be deeply explored by two dancers with the hope of unleashing the many stages we experience when undertaking a period of renewal.

As you watch the dancers in the space I ask you…Have you ever had to renew? If the answer is no, sit back and observe. If the answer is yes, were you successful?…Did it happen more than once? Or, is it that we are all in a constant state of renewal?

*Please note this show will be part of a triple billing with Single-use & The Dérive


Friday 6th April, St John’s Pavilion, 8.00pm

Saturday 7th April, St John’s Pavilion,  8.00pm

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