Placid Productions

A dark tale that glimmers with hope about a woman who refuses stay in the box she has been put in by exploding it into a thousand pieces.  A rollercoaster ride of language, emotion and imagination performed with physicality, pathos and humour.

“Neil Flynn’s is an entertaining but thoroughly heartbreaking piece of theatre. …Ryan brings all of the influences on her character and behaviour together to create a strong, engaging and heart-achingly real character on the stage.. Ryan keeps the audience captured in the story from start to finish.” Sitting on the Fourth Wall.

Microdisney “…at times reminiscent of Beckett…. She (Ryan) is engaging in the role and drags the audience into her manic state of existence. She is at times mesmerising as you find yourself immersed in her world”. No More Workhorse

“MICRODISNEY is an extraordinary piece of writing, as moving as it is horrifying. Judith Ryan gives a spellbinding performance” The Sunday Independent

***Tickets for today’s shows are available for sale online until 1pm. After that it’s at Front of House at each of the venues.***


Thursday 30th March, No1 Pery Square, 8pm

Friday 31st March, No1 Pery Square, 9.15pm


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