Losing My Mindfulness

Losing My Mindfulness

Losing My Mindfulness

Katie McLeod

Do you want to feel calmer more focused and relaxed? Imagine a life where daily stress just floats by like a cloud in the sky, not a rain cloud, a nice one, a fluffy one, yeah, do you want that that, you know you do, don’t you?

Join me at my Mindfulness workshop where we can leave our baggage behind and are in the moment, even if that moment is not quite what you thought it would be, cos hey, what is!! Sometimes that moment is f**king terrible. I’m joking, see mindfulness can be fun. Fun and calm. Yes calm….. Come please come, or not, its fine either way. I am FINE!! I’m fine really, EVERTHING is fine.


Thursday 5th April, No1 Pery Square,  9.30pm

Friday 6th April, No1 Pery Square, 8.00pm

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