Angie Smalis in association with Patterns Dance Collective, COMA Limerick Ensemble & Lumen Street Theatre

improvisation/ɪmprəvʌɪˈzeɪʃn/ is an attempt to make decisions spontaneously and in perfect tune.

Patterns Dance Collective- contemporary dance artists with intellectual disabilities, COMA Limerick Ensemble- contemporary instrumentalists and vocalists and Lumen Street Theatre- contemporary artists focusing on spectacle and community participation.

Dance, music and shadow puppetry, with an installation of giant costumes serving as projection screens and based on circus elements, are uttered extemporaneously and in shared space. A collective celebration of 250 years of circus expressed through three performing art forms adding to the world-wide phenomenon and its importance.

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Saturday 7th April, St John’s Pavilion,  12.30pm
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