Get the Boat

Get the Boat

Get the Boat

Holy Show Theatre Company

When you meet someone for the first time you bond over the things you have in common. But what if the thing you have in common is also your biggest secret?


Two strangers meet on a journey that many Irish women still keep as their biggest secret.


Following a busy year with nationwide tours of Chasing Butterflies by Siobhan Donnellan and Rabbit Hole by David Lindsey Abaire, East Clare team Eavan Brennan and Siobhan Donnellan bring us this poignant, gruff, funny piece about sudden friendship, life shattering decisions and the secrets that we share.


Thursday 5th April, Narrative 4, 9.30pm

Friday 6th April, Narrative 4, 8.00pm

Saturday 7th April, Narrative 4, 6.30pm

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